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- Name:
Darius Akasaki (red cape in Japanese)
- Age:
July 15 1476
- Sex/Gender:
- Appearance:
(a picture will be Uploaded soon need to make it first) he wears European Asian style clothing for his normal clothing.
His Assassins Out fit is mainly white black and red, The Hood and front torso make the Assassins Insignia upside down. The main Torso looks similar to a traditional Japanese robe. There is a Spatial on his right shoulder weaved with leather and iron and Plated on top of it. On the back of the spatial it has a hold wrapped area where the sheath of the sword would be and along with a crossbow hook attachment. on the front of the Spatial there are slots for throwing knives like wavy kunai.
On his arms the sleeves of the out fit are thin and at the end flare out, and on the for arms are kote. Modified kote having steel plates and leather sewed on with steel thread and the leather was as hard as steel and as sturdy as steel. In the Kote there are 2 hidden blades on each arm, one in the wrist and one at the elbow. The trigger is a pressure trigger in the palm of the hand, the front blade is ring pull trigger on his pinky.
At his waist he has a long Red cloth wrapped around a few times, Over the cloth is a belt that has the Assassins insignia on it. It has a few more slots for throwing knives and European style too made thin for easy and fluid action. Now for the lower body normal white pants with a Asian swirling pattern. For foot wear he has a plated shin guard, and on his feet are Tabi and straw Sandles. A part of the shin guard rests on top of the foot. He does have Leather boots but doesn't wear them often due to them not being comfortable.

For his Physical appearance he has a light tan skin, blue eyes and black hair a bit shaggy from wearing the hood. But his hair has a cowlick on his right side. On his left side of his face he has a slanted scar above his left eye about 3 inches long.

- Affiliation:
- Family:
No All Dead
- Favorite Weapon:
The Ninjato, And Wikizashi
- Relationship:
- Strengths:
Stealth, Martial Arts, European and Japanese swordsmanship(kendo), Sharp vision and reflexes, Poisons, Guerrilla tactics, Acrobatics, Speaks Italian and Japanese Fluently
- Weaknesses:
Archery(not Crossbows), Firearms, blunt and Polearm weapons, Bad at speaking French and german, Has Bloody Noses randomly

- Background:
Darius Akasaki traveled with his father at the young age of 5. He was adopted in Europe by his current guardian then moved to japan as a current homestead for the first few years of his life. His "father" was a traveling martial artist from Japan. Darius grew up learning martial arts of Asia. He grew up with a Rash but helpful personality doing things with out thinking, even for things that have no meaning for the person he is helping. He would get the job done with out any regret no matter what i was.
A matter of time had pass and some thugs came around where Darius and his father. At the time his father was old and withered the thugs thought to pay a visit to the boy and his fathers home, thinking they where asleep Darius was meditating on the 2nd floor. The thugs sneak in and slowly look around, then start taking the possessions in the house hold. Darius's Father slowly rises from his slumber and says "Is that you son?" in a dying whisper. One of the thugs react covering the old mans mouth saying, "Say another word old man and you wont live a second longer!". The old man takes the hand of the thug and says "But son why would you do that?" he said a little louder than before. As the thug said he took his Tanto blade and pierced the mans heart, as blood came to splatter on the dirty ground Darius walking down the steps as it happend. "FATHER" cries out from Darius's mouth as he holds the man who was his father, the old man reaches in his robe and pulls out a medallion with a Abnormal upside down V he gives it to Darius and whispers softly "take it my son and run our blades and run out of this town and find the person who owns the seal. You have Greatness in your heart to protect the ones you love the most the person you will find will help you accomplish that task." As he says his final words the light fades in his eyes and dies into a slumber he cannot awaken.
Darius takes the tanto stabbed in his fathers corpse, and looks at the thug who killed his father and says "Pay for your sins brother who has strayed from thy path" He dashes to him and cuts his thought then dashes to the next and stabs him in the sternum pulls it out and watches the body fall. Swelled with rage the last of the thugs starts to run away from him, Darius throws the dagger like blade in the air as the rising sun catches glimpse of the Tanto Darius catches the point of the blade and throws it with ease killing the thug in the back of the neck and through the thugs throught and sticking out of the other side wedged in.
Darius turns around to grab he and his fathers sword using the cord that dangles for the scabbard he ties it around his back and places his sword at his side. Taking a large piece of cloth that is laying around unscathed by the thugs or his fathers blood he takes it in one hand and looks in his other the medallion that his father had given to him. He takes it up and places it around his neck saying " I promise Father i will find this person you say and i will do it no matter what it takes". Taking the cloth and Turning it around his neck to make a cloak, he walks out the door after a few feet he keeps on walking, after an hour of non stop walking he sheds a single tear thinking of his previous actions and continues to walk on to find the owner of the medallion...
This is My OC Assassin in Assassins Creed. More will Be revealed when this is finished.
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TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sounds so cool. I wish I was abit less sleepy so I could read it all at once instead of keeping being distracted by picturing every scene on my mind anime style XD

This would be a quite good scene from an anime actually *3*
Akasaki-Studios Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Lol thats what i was doing when i was writing it. XDDDDDD
TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Then it must've taken a long long time to write XDDD
Akasaki-Studios Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student General Artist
not really XDDD it only took me a day to think about what the character looked like, another day to write it out XDDDDDDD LMAO
TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Same XD only a few characters like Leola and Mia have ever popped into my mind completely formed, usually it takes a lot of work just to know what they'll look like.
Akasaki-Studios Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student General Artist
I know right? i get a basic idea then i branch off several branches to get what i want.
TheStrayLiger Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Totally >_<
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